~Our Mission~
Practical Solutions Minus The Hype.

At HOLDFAST SDN BHD, we exist because of our desire and ability to help business organisations solve technology problems. Business owners need to focus on their revenue, often lacking the time or resource for anything else. With technology changing so fast, and with such a vast variety of choices, many business owners are hard pressed to choose and implement what is best for their business. In fact, many business owners actually avoid addressing their IT problems due to uncertainty and lack of specialist knowledge. We are here to help.

We are more than just engineers with 20 plus years of experience in IT, Communications and Audio Visual Systems. We understand business needs, be it small, medium or large enterprises. We know how to help clients start small and yet be ready for future upgrades, by building systems that can be scaled up to meet the needs of a larger work force. We have the experience and the skills to help medium businesses with the transformation to more complex information and communication technology systems. We help clients choose the right technology according to their business organisation's needs.

Our strength is a firm grasp of engineering fundamentals, which plays an important part in putting together a business technology solution that works well together, and expands easily. Listening to the client is vital to understanding their business needs and meeting those needs.

HOLDFAST’s MISSION is to clear all the hype and confusion, by providing sound, easy to understand advise, based on fundamentals. We do not have "sales people", because we are a CLIENT SERVICE organisation. We do not just sell products, we design solutions, solve problems and service client accounts.

Our VISION is to empower our clients to make informed decision, earn the client’s trust, and to grow together with our clients by bringing value to their business every step of the way.