Automated Backup Systems, HOLDFAST SDN BHD

Systems | Data | Backup

Ensure Fast & Safe System Recovery After Disaster Strikes.

IT Network & Wi-Fi Systems, HOLDFAST SDN BHD

Office IT Network

A well planned office network system ensures team productivity and efficiency.

UPS Uninterrutible Power Supply Systems, HOLDFAST SDN BHD

Backup Electrical Power

Protect IT Systems From Voltage Spikes & Power Disruptions.

College or School Management Systems, HOLDFAST SDN BHD

Education Management System

Increase Institutional Prestige And Reputation.

Sales Marketing Management Automation Systems, HOLDFAST SDN BHD

Customer Relationship Management System

Empower Your Marketing and Sales Team To Greater Productivity And Profit.

Retail Space Management Planogram Systems, HOLDFAST SDN BHD

Retail Category Management System

Maximise Revenue Earned Per Square Foot With Superior Retail Space Planning.

Top 6 Features To Check
When Choosing A Network Switch.

Ethernet switches are essential in places of work or business. A wrong choice will result in revenue loss. Here are 5 important things to check when selecting a network switch.

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Top 3 Tips
To Protect Your Business From Data Loss.

Business generates data everyday, when you run an accounting software, use email or create a excel spreadsheet, all of that information is stored as data. Fact is, data can be lost, corrupted, compromised or even stolen. Your business is dependent on your computer systems running, read on to know more about how to minimise interruption from IT failing

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